Zappos Bay to Breakers

We had the honor of conceptualizing and executing the 2016 Zappos sponsorship activation with ASV for the renowned Bay to Breakers footrace, an iconic event that has been captivating participants since 1912. Rooted in the celebration of life between the breakers and the bay, this year’s race paid homage to the vibrant and unforgettable 80s era. Our vision for the project drew inspiration from the era’s pulsating energy, encompassing elements such as mixtapes, neon lights, video games, and pop art. The immersive experience we crafted featured a kaleidoscope of bright colors, sparkling disco balls, and an unforgettable soundtrack that transported participants back in time. We aimed to create an interactive space that would ignite inspiration and excitement for the race, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the spirit of 80s pop music, neon lights, video games, and the joy of running. It was a sight to behold as runners from around the globe showcased their exuberance through lavish costumes or minimal attire, with many sporting the curated Zappos collection of inspired activewear available at the pier 39 pop-up and guest check-in

ClientZappos ServicesASV ~ Design & Production Year2016LocationSan Francisco, CA

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