The seal of an artistic fiber out of a spatio - temporal Hexagonal view

An ultra singular flow, oiled and intensely influenced by the 90 's but also the current U.S Game, haughty by some sides, storyteller, voluptuous and intoxicating by others.

30 years old and already 19 years of writing

His last Maxi In Date LIL 'MAMA (BELROSELAX) invites through a quartet of titles diametrically contrary, suavely similar to obstinacy and definitely International.

Federating synthesizers, revolted batteries, Rock saturated guitar, Soul dry guitar, or Jazz double bass, the Music calls, as you see him sitting on his Chesterfield savoring his Cohiba.

Iron Rhyme, Velvet Style, Art Imperator.

While letting flow a nonchalant poetry of machine gun, screaming in one case, and in the other pushing the desire for dizzying elsewhere,
the Word is satin, anointed with a mixed sap with free, amber, superior characters. The sometimes corrupt words know how to wrap themselves in sensuality and to rely on dark reflections and black opaque voices.

The Magnificent Way

Back in 2008 BELROSELAX produced and took over the art direction on Nick's first album. The single track "Sickle Cell" went on rotation on MTV BASE.