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Bonjour! As a Parisian-born full stack developer and creative maestro now based in Los Angeles, I bring a unique blend of talents to the table. With passions spanning graphic design, 3D design, branding, interior design rendering, photography, and music-making as a pianist, singer, and beatmaker, my diverse skill set allows me to approach projects with a fun, approachable, and distinctly European flair.

Throughout my career, I've collaborated with a wide range of clients and brands, always striving to achieve their desired results while infusing each project with my signature joie de vivre. I firmly believe in respecting the creative journey, savoring every twist and turn along the path to an extraordinary final product.

Los Angeles, with its eclectic culture and dynamic creative scene, has been a constant source of inspiration since I arrived from Paris. The fusion of my French roots and my immersion in LA's artistic environment have shaped my distinctive approach to design, artistic expression, and web development.

When I'm not busy whipping up a creative feast or writing code, you can find me exploring LA's vibrant art scene, tickling the ivories of my piano, or belting out tunes as I create fresh beats. My unique blend of Parisian sophistication and laid-back LA vibes ensures that every project I work on stands out from the crowd, and I can't wait to bring this singular perspective to your next creative endeavor!

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