As food becomes an ever-increasing issue of global concern, topic of pop-culture and indicator of social class and cache, designing multi-sensorial experiences exploring the future of food and encourages new pathways of learning. Consider  innovative ways restaurants are using design and technology to offer new eating experiences, and an in-depth editorial platform about designing the future of food.

As we all know, taste is a matter of taste... but what is "taste", to you?

A perfect touch

Dining involves more than just a tongue-teasing dish. Eyes, ears, noses and skin can all be involved to augment a culinary experience, as numerous scientific studies have found,  tableware is one medium through which to do it. Indeed scientists have found that changing the shape, colour and weight of plates, glasses and cutlery can all influence the perception of a meal. And designers have taken note.


As recently as 15 years ago the idea that you could grab a nutritious, healthy and still tasty meal from a drive-thru or fast food restaurant was unheard of. It wasn’t until the post Y2K era that fast food consumers became concerned with what they ate.  As the Millennial generation started spending money on food outside the home the industry has been “forced” to move toward healthier, high-quality menu alternatives. Once begun this movement toward fresher, greener menus has continued to accelerate at an ever increased pace.