Understand your value.

Is your value based on your position at a job? To me it’s based on what you’re able to bring to the world, what your talent is and who it serves the best. Today’s influencers talk a lot about finding a target audience and a niche market. That’s obviously how you attract potential people that you can best help. Those people that you would enjoy working with the most. But how?

Your personal brand speaks for you. Picturing what you want to stand for, shapes the opportunities you attract.

If you aren’t specific about the kind of life you want, or would like to live, people will never know for you then the right opportunities won’t come. You have to create a proposition that speaks for what you do, and the people you would help the most.

Know your worth, know the difference between what you're getting and what you deserve.

Show rather than tell

Going digital opens the door to more opportunities. Create a platform where people can see what you do, so that they understand your value, that way it becomes easier to sell it. Just showcase your work and let it speak for itself. The quality of your digital content is primordial today it should be an essential part of your marketing plan.

You won’t make any connection if people don’t know where to find you or if your content lacks quality.



You should have the strong desire to rumble and connect people, stretch your abilities and explore many different skills.

Understand your value.

The salary expectation is usually the thermometer of people self-esteem. They usually end up selling themselves short and bring a lot more money to a company than they’re asking for.

Always remember  that your value lies in the problems of your clients. The way you stand, is how you can resolve their problems.

Price is what you pay value is what you get.

Update the world on your skills and get reactions.

If you showcase your work so well that people can’t help talking about you, you won’t be the only one talking about your value anymore. Share quality content consistently, and get beyond all the opportunities you’ve ever had.