Japan is a place where art and design is deeply fused with everyday life. From the traditional art to the modern art, illustration, graphic design and many other mediums, you can feel the creative heartbeat each step you take when walking streets. According to the Adobe Stage of Creation study, Japan is recognized as the most creative country in the world, and Tokyo as the most creative city. It might be complex to explain why Japan is so creative, on the contrary the illustration of a very understandable example: emojis 🐼🍣🍚🍤🙈



From Shintoism, it is called Perfectly Rejecting Perfection (PRP). Everyone wants to reach perfection in their actions, but when something is too perfect, it doesn’t drive attention. In Japan, people tend to reject perfection, which helps create things that are different while also serving their purpose, and to imagine new things that come from a different perspective.


Uchigawa no kodomo

The Inner Child, although Japanese society can be seen as quite rigid and disciplined, Tetsuya mentioned that Japanese people are also able to go crazy, even in a professional environment. This is made possible by the fact that every Japanese is made of two complementary identities: the public one and the inner child. There is an inner child hidden in every Japanese person, and its expression is what allows Japanese creativity to be so different, free and surprising.



The Creative concept is not only about making something different, but rather about making something different that will add value and make things better.