Floral design from the earth to your event

There’s so much more to flowers than meets the eye, from what it takes to guide a flower from seed to blossom to the historical significance of a rose. The event design process goes through the same sea of growth from a tiny seed of a idea into a monster activation. Particular flowers, colors, textures and the way they are paired together says everything about living design. Florals always seem like the smallest portion of a budget for a large activation, however in most cases it should be the main focus of an event space.

There’s always a story to tell, an ambiance to create, an emotion to reflect, a smell to infuse into a room. There’s a reason why we all bring plants into our homes, or why florals are present at weddings. Flowers represent life to me, bring energy into a space and can transform the feeling you get when you enter a space, interact with a product or have a cocktail at a party. Floral design is crucial for interior design, private parties, product activations, or just for the sake of beauty, living design is crucial in the event industry, it brings life and beauty to any activation.