Just like every other human on the planet, who doesn’t want to walk barefoot at sunset and say yes forever to the love of your life. For me the ocean represents everything I hold close to my heart having grown up on the california coast with sand always in my car and spending the weekends skating or surfing at the beach. The smell of ocean water bracing  the air and the salty feeling that traces your skin after a day at the sea will never grow old for me.

Saying yes forever to the love of my life with sand between my toes was everything to me

Location over Budget

Choosing the perfect location for your wedding may seem like a daunting task at hand, you have to consider the costs, travel of your guests, and most important what does the location say about the moment you are creating for your special day.

For us it was simple.. The beauty of the sand, the water & the light of our love was enough to create the perfect wedding.

Just a moment in time is just that

I understand the massive wedding industry exists, it’s a large market play for vendors and designers worldwide, however we ran in the opposite direction..

We opted for the shotgun beach wedding in the middle of winter where our guests were notified 24hrs in advance with a private invite directing them to cliffs of El Matador Beach in Malibu, CA. From that magical moment on the sand until today I have no regrets about the way we decided to celebrate our love and shine our light to our loved ones right on the coast of Malibu beach.

Create your world, shine your light & do only what your heart desires 

The moments we manifest in present time are what’s important in everyday life, the wedding day should be no different. I believe in the value of a genuine experience, our wedding day was just that for me. We didn’t need much, our loved ones and the ocean at sunset was enough. Our day was about rejoicing, singing, and showing off to the world that we found each other in this life and made the commitment to walk side by side until the end. That simple statement was priceless compared to a fancy venue, catering, and a honeymoon. Our life is a honeymoon to me everyday…