Catering Art over Anything

People are much more in tune with event catering than ever before..  The stakes have certainly changed for event catering. Chances are your guests traveled to get to your event, they’re in a new spot and might even want to do some sightseeing on the side. While some people like to check out the city by exploring, others prefer a fork and knife. That’s why destination specific food is a huge trend. Give them an experience they can’t get in any other place.

The food you’re serving makes a real difference to the knowledge your guests collect from your event. Participants need to feel alert, engaged and as if the menu was created just for them. Attendees of all generations love the experience of learning how to cook what they’re eating. Accordingly, consider making food an activity in itself. A live experience with the food can give them memories they won’t soon forget.

On the other side of the spectrum, event food and cocktails can be the event in itself. Put the food in the limelight of your event through immersive experiences that serve up your message with a side of fun.

The key to a chef’s catering success is staying relevant and continually improving the presentation, idea and ingredients. Events that include special catering touches, always end up leaving a lasting impression on guests. Often people recognize and appreciate the extra thought behind why a gourmet dish goes with a particular drink. The construction of the beautiful presentation can also affect the impression of the guest.

Creating a story about the particular curation of the dish is part of the experience. It always intrigues the guests to tell a story and make it a great conversation piece.